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Chimney Repairs and
Leadwork Around Chimney

Apart from all our roofing services, we have qualified professionals to give you exceptional lead work around chimney and chimney repair services. We can provide ‘chimney repair near me’ services irrespective of whether you need small or large chimney repairs.

No project is too small or too big for us; we undertake each project with equal efficiency and flair. We aim at completing each project with high standards and within your assigned budget.

We understand the importance of the works, and that is why every person on our team is a highly experienced roofing professional who not only can provide your expertise in the field but also make sure that you are satisfied at every step of the process. Be it small or large repairs.

Chimney Repairs and Leadwork

You can easily find us on the web by running a search ‘roofing and chimney repair near me’, and you won’t have to do it ever again. Our services are provided at a competitive rate in relation to chimney repair cost in the London.

Did you know that lead work around chimney is equally as important as the roof covering itself? Have you ever noticed a stain on the ceiling and had a look for broken tiles but cannot see anything to blame? It is probably down to the lead flashings!

St George’s Roofing & Building Services over many years in the field has experienced a number of occasions where faulty lead work around chimney was causing roof leaks not the tiles as expected!

From lead roofs, step flashing, cover flashing or decorative bays we make sure your lead is correctly installed, dressed and pointed potentially saving you unnecessary worry and expense in the future.

Advice and quotations can be provided for anything from a repair to ornate lead flashings.

Just give us a call!

We can assure you that once you have worked with us, you won’t need to run web searches of ‘roofing and chimney repair near me’ anymore. Our experienced professionals will walk you through different options suitable for your house and will take your specifications into consideration. After that, you will be guided towards a tailor-made option for your house that will be well adjustable in your budget. We don’t cost heavy on your pockets because our services are brought to you at standard chimney repair costs in the London. So, if you need lead work around chimneys, repairs or installation, get yourself a quote now!


I found St. Georges Roofing and Building Services online after searching ‘chimney repair near me’ and hired them for inspecting the roofing of my house and the lead work around my chimney. The lead work had decayed, but their professionals skilfully handled the matter. They replaced the lead work without damaging any adjacent structures. What I like the most about their work are their workmanship and expertise.


I hired St. Georges Roofing and Building Services for a flat roofing construction project. However, when they inspected my site, they pointed out some faulty lead work around chimneys. So, alongside the roofing project, they also fixed the lead work, and I haven’t had any issues with either the lead work or the roofing till date. I like their professional sense of working and also like their ‘all in’ attitude towards projects big or small.

Rory Gilmore