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Repointing of Houses

Pointing basically means the finish between the bricks and the stones used to make your house. However, time has a detrimental effect on the pointing of houses, and they can become weary or damaged over time. That can adversely affect the exterior walls. Worn out pointing can let water inside the walls which can cause water damage or frost weathering or even salt dissolution.  At St. Georges Roofing and Building Services, you get pointing services for your house at reasonable repointing stone walls costs.

Our team of roofing and building experts have years of experience in the pointing and can single-handedly manage to point stone walls and repointing houses and commercial premises with flair and precision. Our services are formulated for maximum customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Every penny you invest with us will be materialised to give you a result that is of high quality is durable and finished with high precision. St. Georges Roofing and Building Services have successfully repointed many houses all over London with special attention to the house’s existing type, texture and the colour of the mortar. We not only handle repointing stone walls but also deal with pointing sandstone walls in graded listed building in accordance with the Heritage Trust Specification.

Repointing Stone Walls Process

Our professionals handle the repointing stone walls projects with extra care because it can be a tricky business. An inspection is done before starting the project to get a layout of your house structure and the existing mortar. Then, a replica mortar is selected, keeping in mind the specifics of the old mortar and then the repointing process begins.

With precision, the damaged mortar is removed, and the new one is set in place. You should hire us for pointing and repointing houses projects because we have experience in the field and because you cannot afford to have fault pointing installed. Your house is a valuable investment for you, and you need to hire skilled professionals who will treat your house that way.

We can be that professional roofing contractor for you because we share the same sentiment. Once you hire us, we assure you won’t have to worry about your pointing repointing costs ever again. We let our work speak for ourselves, and our work reflects our skilled workmanship itself.


Due to weather, work had to run across 4 days instead of the two agreed, no matter, work looks good and the prices were extremely competitive Simon Binge

Really nice people. Arrived promptly and carried out the work perfectly. They really are a great roofing repairs provider. I have already recommended them to others!

Martha Stuart